Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Setting "nowrap" using CSS white-space property

To achieve the same results as a TD nowrap (<td nowrap="true">) using cascading style sheets, use the following:

white-space: nowrap;

The white-space property specifies how white-space inside an element is handled.

Property values
normal, nowrap, pre, pre-line, pre-wrap, inherit

JavaScript syntax:"nowrap"

Please note that replacing white spaces by " " does the job, too. "nbsp" means "Non Breakable SPace".

Sample code

Example 1.
<table id="mytable">


table#mytable tr td{white-space:nowrap;}

Example 2.
<tr class="nowrap">


tr.nowrap { white-space:nowrap; }

td { white-space:inherit; }


tr.nowrap td {white-space:nowrap;}


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